Rene L.

I was an IT Programmer earning $80,000/year but hated being stuck in a cubicle forever and was paying high taxes. I started GWT part-time and after 14 months, I tripled my job income and went full time. After 4 years I made my first million. I received the Luxury Car incentive with a $130,000 BMW M5, I own a million dollar home in Taipei, a custom built $2.3 million dollar home in Toronto, got engaged with a $47,000 FERI MOSH ring now valued at $80,000 and reached 6 figure a month income.

GWT has FOREVER changed my life!

AbdurRazaq A.

All my life, I had always been in search of an opportunity that will allow me to provide an ideal lifestyle for my family. For seven years, I was on the hunt for the "gold mine" inside the MLM industry. I practically stumbled upon GWT and within only twenty-seven months, I built my business from Abuja, Nigeria and went from zero dollars to up to $25,000.00 in monthly income, a brand new Toyota Prado Land Cruiser and dream vacations. The most significant achievements are that my family and I moved into our new home and I currently enjoy annual global revenue sharing with GWT from operations in 150 countries and still counting. The best is yet to come. GWT ROCKS!!!

Tammy F.

After I graduated from university, I had always been looking to start a business so I didn’t have to work for others. However, I didn't have a lot of money to start. I went out of my comfort zone, increased my credit card limit to launch as a diamond VDM on my first day. I went all in and started full time. My first goal was to not pay off my credit card asap to avoid the 29.9% interest on the bill. It took me about 1 month or so to pay it all back. On my 10th month, I made my first $13,000 monthly income. GWT pays me 6 figure income every year and has allowed me to have time freedom and financial freedom! I am able to travel around the world, 13 countries in 3 years. I have recently bought a convertible Porsche and a BMW I series electric car. I have also invested in multiple rental properties all around the world including Toronto, Hong Kong, China, and Costa Rica.

Maria G.

I was an over worked, under paid broke university student working at the bank when I got introduced to GWT in 2009. It took me just a year to double my bank income with GWT and become retired from my job by age 25. In less than 3 months I paid off my student loan and before age 30 I was 100% debt free, earning six figure residual income, traveling the world and living a life I love. Going from under paid, over worked broke student to financially free, world traveler by age 30 took less than 7 years. If I can do anyone can do it!

Reza M.

I was working for the local government when I heard about GWT opportunity. I recognized the potential and launched my mall immediately even though the timing was not right but I understood the importance of positioning. 3.5 years later life had changed and I needed to get rid of my job and build the GWT business. In my first 3.5 years of being absent my business had accumulated over $7.5 million in sales volume and grown into 20 countries. Working it part time serious I was able to double my government job income in 6 months ($12,000 my 6th month) and say goodbye to my JOB and become full time (semi retired) with GWT.

Vernisha C.

I am a stay at home mom of 4 children living on an island with less than 180k people. I started my GWT business part time in 2011 and quickly moved to full time in 2012. The average monthly income in my country is about US$600 and GWT has allowed me to earn as much as 15 times the average monthly income in my country in one month’s earnings. From the comfort of my home I have been able to build a global business so far in 35 countries around the world.

Sherry Z.

I am a motherpreneur! I love the fact that GWT provides an opportunity for someone like me who can stay home taking care of my baby, while building a real residual income business at the same time. My first year in GWT, I made over $10,000 a month; a few years after, I joined GWT exclusive CAP club ($10K / week). GWT has allowed me to enjoy watching my baby grow up while building our family’s financial legacy for lifetime!

Sean H.

I learned from working in wealth management banking, the 3 keys to wealth and GWT had those! I launched my VDM and doubled my bank income and now take 6 to 8 weeks vacation with my sons annually while building a business that will pay them residual income for life!